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Judo Throwing Techniques - Nage Waza
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The base off all judo skills is founded on Ne-waza. Because what you can perform on the ground, you can transfer to Tachi-waza.

More over, been thrown on the ground is an unnatural movement and can be experienced as scare full especially for beginners and for judoka’s on lower levels.

This implicated that teachers should create a feeling ofcomfort and safety out of which the pre requisite for the natural learning process can be developed. In this learning process it is very important that the judoka is physically active and has a lot of fun.

By “playing” on the ground the judoka starts to understand the basic principals of judo and learn more and quicker about judo techniques as can be expected at first glance.

Only if the judoka is capable in ukemi waza and trust his own skills and capabilities, than a natural development from Newaza to Tachi waza is started. Within this methodology the judoka indicates himself when he is ready for Tachi waza.

Two sub-categories

Nage-waza can be divided into two sub-categories, tachi-waza (standing techniques) and sutemi-waza (sacrifice techniques).

The techniques of tachi-waza are performed while standing and fall into one of three categories: te-waza (hand techniques), koshi-waza (hip techniques), and ashi-waza (foot or leg techniques).  The primary part of his body that tori (the thrower) uses to throw uke (the one being thrown) determines what heading a particular tachi-waza technique will fall under.

The techniques of sutemi-waza involve tori dropping to the mat and using his downward momentum to help throw uke.  There are two types of sutemi-waza: ma-sutemi-waza (back sacrifice techniques) and yoko-sutemi-waza (side sacrifice techniques).  The former involves tori falling to his back to execute the throw.  In the latter, tori falls to his side in order to throw uke.
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Judo Throwing Techniques - Nage Waza
« on: October 06, 2009, 09:26:20 am »
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