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Fujian White Crane Kung Fu
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:36:40 am »
Hard style – Kung Fu
Our style is the fundamental traditional type of Chinese Kung Fu. Born out of a woman’s need to defend herself and fight injustice, developed and refined in the turbulent battlefields of Chinese history, and used today to perpetuate a cultural heritage.

The style taught in our classes is Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu, an acknowledged part of the White Crane System of Kung Fu. It is a hard, external style. Stances are low and powerful, rooted to provide stability, but providing explosive spring power when moving. The torso is trained to generate power for the arms and absorb the lower body’s motion to maintain stability. The arms and shoulders are fast and free-moving, switching between defence and attack as needed. The hand and wrist movements are particularly elegant and expressive, characteristic of all White Crane traditional styles.

Suang Yang Tai Chi
Generally known as Tai Chi, the style we teach in class is based on an extended pattern called “Bai He Rou Ruan Quan”, which is translated as “White Crane Frost and Sun Fist”.

It is a soft, internal style, with the emphasis in class being on developing a stable balanced stance, flexible torso and elegant precise hand movements. Do not be fooled into an assumption of passivity – this also is a fighting style (otherwise it would not be a martial art). Whilst it pre-disposes towards self-defence, the student must take the same responsibility for their skill as those who learn the hard style. Skilled practitioners can inflict severe injuries and must train to control their responses. In China there are soft style fighting competitions and we use class to train how to use and control soft style techniques in sparring situations.

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Fujian White Crane Kung Fu
« on: April 18, 2018, 06:36:40 am »
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