Author Topic: A typical martial art morning in China (Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Qi Gong)  (Read 1819 times)


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In China, martial arts are most often practiced early in the morning in parks. Traditionally, Chinese people enjoy practicing martial arts being close to nature, according to the principle of harmony between man and nature (天人合一 tian ren he yi)

The team took some pictures of a typical martial morning in a Shanghai park.

Practice of Tai Chi:

Xing Yi practitioner :

Push hands (Tui Shou) :

Qi Gong:

Zhan zhuang - Stand straight as a pole (Zhan Zhuang)

Fa Jin (force or explosive power):

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Re: A typical martial art morning in China (Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Qi Gong)
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That's ture, accoding to the tradition, the chinese people like to practice the martial arts outside, but unfortunately, in now days, the young people work hard and have less time to train early in the park. In a park is more interesting than a club, because you can cross different people and exchange the skills with them to enrich each others. #UC37