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Martial Background
Northern Shaolin Buddhist meditation based Qigong that focuses on essences that transcend form; and that go between various forms. Learning to feel Qi, through sensing-seeing with your gut (Lower Dan Tien), hands, feet etc.

Taught using the common ground of the 'shared lived experience'. Non-visual 'seeing' of what is in common with different methods, rather than adherence to a doctrine. Qi (Chi) work for even flow of energy and quick release energy for projecting good and bad such as Dim Mak and healing hands. Calming Qigong and meditation for lowering blood pressure, as well as stimulating and charging Qigong and Hsing i.

Root connection to Earth lengthened and strengthened as in First Nations dance and shamanism. No belief system is necessary, anymore than one would believe in electricity: you will feel it, test and use it.

Many objective martial tests of progress are used as well as herbs for nurturing Qi. 1971-75 in the Wide Circle of Kung Fu School in New York City and Berkeley, California. This is a primarily Northern Shaolin based style, under Grandmaster Joseph Greenstein, headquartered in New York.

From 1971-74 Mo Duk Kwan, Tiger Tae Kwon Do, under Master Kenny Yuen, Oakland, California.

1973-4 with Master Minh, Hapkido of University of California Berkeley.

1971-74; Aikido in Berkeley with Jeff Wilbur.

1974-79; Nippon Kenko Juko of Grandmaster Okano, learning Shotokan from Mr.Tanaka, and Lou Correa, and Goju under Masa, Koko and Hiro.

1976 Aido Samurai Sword under Master Samurai Takahashi.

1974-76 studied Yang style Tai Chi and Ba Gua at the Chinese Cultural Center, University Ave., Berkeley.

1982-85 Ba Gua and Hsing Yi under Mr. ST Ying, "The Old Man" at the Chinese Baptist Church in Berkeley.

Most recently and foremost: from 1980-87 in the San Francisco/ Bay Area of California, under Grandmaster Wong Jack (Chia) Man of San Francisco Jing Mo; studying Hsing Yi, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Lui Ho, Lohan, push hands and Northern Shaolin.

Sifu Hayes has taught at: the Yoga Den in Juneau (now Rainforest Yoga), from 1991-1998;

Juneau Public School's Community Schools, from 1991-2005;

private lessons in Juneau, since 1995.

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Hi  jadedragonalaska,

Thank you for your introduction and welcome on Martial Way forum   #smile