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2-Day intensive Martial Arts Summer Aug 7-8 2010, California
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:58:09 pm »
2-Day Weekend Introduction to Martial Art Summer Aug 7-8, 2010 in CALIFORNIA.
(With an option to train for up to 10 days.)



Introducing a limited 1-10 DAY Intensive Training Course with Martial Arts Master Instructor - Rick Tew

This program is an introduction to Martial Art and is ideal for those who are deciding which Martial Arts to study.

"Whether you want to earn your certification to teach or get 3-9 hours of training per day - Rick Tew’s Martial Arts Levels Training is your chance to learn Ninjitsu and the Martial Science!"


This program is taught by NinjaGym Master Instructor Rick Tew. You will be my direct student for the duration of this Levels Course. In order for me to ensure you are getting the absolute best instruction and review for your training, I want to be there every step of the way.

This programs is for students that really want to train and focus on attaining at least one new level. Certification is not guaranteed, but each day we are going to work hard to get the skills required to pass each lesson and get the foundational skills ingrained into your brain and body. Beginners are suggested and others are welcome.


This program is an introduction to Martial Art and is ideal for those who are deciding which Martial Arts to study. This is a Levels Course and for those new to the term - it means we focus our attention purely on the Level you are working on. This type of training can be redundant and require a lot of discipline - but when you are done, you will have dramatically increased your skill in each area of focused martial arts training. This is NOT a typical course. Your entire program is based on showing up to class to focus. You will eat, sleep and drink the martial arts. What you do when not training is up to you. Your bed is where you choose to sleep (camp, hotel, room etc.). Just be sure to show up on time each morning to begin training. For 1-10 days, you will enjoy the benefits of focused training.


I am conducting this 1-10 DAY martial arts training program in the summer. I want to train students that are self-motivated and ready for action.

We will begin the program August 7. You can attend up to 10 days. You will get 3-9 hours of focused levels training each day. You decide when you need a break. On the weekend of the 7th and 14th, we will do an overview of Levels 1-5 of the Martial Science. On the 9th, we will start focused training on level 1 and continue with a new level each day.


This program is set in Fresno, California and based near Yosemite National Park. I may take students that have signed up for the full 10 days to other locations, but plan to arrive in Fresno, California and expect to spend your training in the park and great outdoors from that point forward. You will be responsible for your own food and housing (camp or hotel) as I will be focused 100% on your training. We meet in the morning and close up when you are done. I will do my best to adjust to the group, but the main focus is to get in as many hours as possible for each student and then you will be allowed to take a break as needed. More details when you contact us.


I wanted to offer a no thrills program focused purely on certification and training in the Levels of the Martial Science. With the long term martial arts camps being in Thailand, I wanted to also offer those that can not travel to Asia or Europe a chance to train in the system. Although we will focus primarily on the Levels, there is an option to go climbing and enjoy some other activities in the outdoors. My strategy is to simply take some time out of my schedule and offer an amazing and focused training program at an amazing and affordable price. I expect you to pay with a great attitude and willingness to learn. As classes are small, this is a great chance to get private group training and focus.


You simply need to call 866-742-5839 or 805-277-4885 and register. The sooner you call the better. We also need time to get your gear ready. You can also e-mail us by filling out the Contact Us form on our camp web site:

Contact NinjaGym - Rick Tew's Martial Arts Fitness Boot Camps

5 Reasons this is the program for YOU:

1. Private group training from the founder of NinjaGym - Master Instructor

2. Train outside in California and in some of the most impressive
training environments on the planet - like Yosemite National Park.

3. Focused Levels training following teaching what you need to know to
pass each lesson step-by-step from level 1 to level 5 as seen on

4. Every level passed and every week survived includes a CERTIFICATE OF
COMPLETION of our Intensive California Training Program.

5. This program is RARE and Rick Tew will only be available for these
limited events.


CALL 866 742-5839 OR (805) 277-4885

This program is for those ready to take action and get a taste of Sensei
Tew's focused Levels training.

We welcome students from all levels - beginner to advanced. All that we
require is that you arrive with a positive attitude and be prepared for a

This is a MUST attend intensive program for serious students.

Training is conducted outside and off the mat in conditions that will sharpen your spirit.

The program is $100 per day and is $200 for the 2-day Weekend course. Sign up right now for 10 days (full program) to get an early bird discount. $500 for 10-day program, instead of $1,000, if you sign up right now!

More info:

Contact us here:

Contact NinjaGym - Rick Tew's Martial Arts Fitness Boot Camps

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2-Day intensive Martial Arts Summer Aug 7-8 2010, California
« on: January 02, 2010, 10:58:09 pm »
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Re: 2-Day intensive Martial Arts Summer Aug 7-8 2010, California
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