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MMA Fight Cards / The UFC Fight Night 113 : Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio - Fight Card
« Last post by WM on July 10, 2017, 04:57:09 pm »
The UFC Fight Night 113 : Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio will be held on July 16, 2017 at SSE Hydro | Glasgow, Scotland

Main Card (FS1 3 PM ET / Glasgow 8 PM)

•   170 lbs : Gunnar Nelson  vs.  S. Ponzinibbio
•   115 lbs : Cynthia Calvillo  vs.  Joanne Calderwood
•   155 lbs  : Stevie Ray  vs.  Paul Felder
•   185 lbs : Jack Marshman  vs.  Ryan Janes
•   205 lbs : Paul Craig  vs.  Khalil Rountree
•   265 lbs : James Mulheron  vs.  Justin Willis

Preliminary Card (FS1 1 PM ET / Glasgow 6 PM)

•   170 lbs : Danny Roberts  vs.  Bobby Nash
•   125 lbs : Neil Seery  vs.  Alexandre Pantoja
•   170 lbs : Charlie Ward  vs.  Galore Bofando
•   155 lbs : Danny Henry  vs.  Daniel Teymur

(UFC Fight Pass Noon ET / Glasgow 5 PM)
•   135 lbs : Brett Johns  vs.  Albert Morales
•   135 lbs : Leslie Smith  vs.  Amanda Lemos
MMA Results / UFC 213 : Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko - Results
« Last post by WM on July 09, 2017, 03:47:07 am »
Main Card

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes was forced to withdraw from her title fight against Valentina Shevchenko after falling ill.
As a result, the Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker interim middleweight title fight served as the new main event

•   Robert Whittaker def. Yoel Romero via unanimous decision and becomes the interim middleweight champion
•   Alistair Overeem def. Fabricio Werdum via majority decision
•   Curtis Blaydes def. Daniel Omielanczuk via unanimous decision
•   Anthony Pettis def. Jim Miller via unanimous decision
•   Rob Font def. Douglas Silva de Andrade via submission (guillotine) at 4:36 of R2


•   Aleksei Oleinik def. Travis Browne via submission at 3:44 of R2
•   Chad Laprise def. Brian Camozzi via TKO (punches) at 1:27 of R3
•   Thiago Santos def. Gerald Meerschaert via TKO (strikes) at 2:04 of R2
•   Belal Muhammad def. Jordan Mein via unanimous decision
•   Cody Stamann def. Terrion Ware via unanimous decision
•   Trevin Giles def. James Bochnovic via TKO (strikes) at 2:54 of R2
MMA Fight Cards / The UFC 213 : Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko - Fight Card
« Last post by WM on July 08, 2017, 08:42:38 am »
The UFC 213 : Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko, will be held on July 87, 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas Nevada US

Main Card (7 PM ET)

135 lbs.: UFC Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes vs. Valentina Shevchenko
265 lbs.: Curtis Blaydes vs. Daniel Omielanczuk
265 lbs.: Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum
155 lbs.: Jim Miller vs. Anthony Pettis

Prelims ( 8 PM ET)

265 lbs.: Travis Browne vs. Oleksiy Oleinik
170 lbs.: Brian Camozzi vs. Chad Laprise
185 lbs.: Gerald Meerschaert vs. Thiago Santos
170 lbs.: Jordan Mein vs. Belal Muhammad

Early Prelims  ( 6 :30 PM ET)

135 lbs.: Rob Font vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade
145 lbs.: Cody Stamann vs. Terrion Ware
205 lbs.: James Bochnovic vs. Trevin Giles
MMA Results / The Ultimate Fighter 25 Finale - Johnson vs. Gaethje - Results
« Last post by WM on July 08, 2017, 04:28:14 am »
Main card

•   Justin Gaethje def. Michael Johnson via second-round TKO (4:48)
•   Jesse Taylor def. Dhiego Lima via submission (RNC) (R2, 0:43)
•   Drakkar Klose def. Marc Diakiese via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
•   Jared Cannonier def. Nick Roehrick via third-round TKO (2:08)
•   Brad Tavares def. Elias Theodorou via unanimous decision
•   Jordan Johnson def. Marcel Fortuna via unanimous decision


•   Angela Hill def. Ashley Yoder via unanimous decision
•   James Krause def. Tom Gillicchio via unanimous decision
•   C.B. Dolloway def. Ed Herman via unanimous decision
•   Tecia Torres def. Juliana Lima via submission (RNC) (2nd, 0:53)
•   Gray Maynard def. Teruto Ishihara via unanimous decision
•   Note: Jessica Eye vs. Aspen Ladd has been canceled.
John : That is absurd they make article about pakmei style showing photo from my website of my Sifu and don't talk once about our lineage wich is different than Cheung L'ai Cheun. When searching to make article, please involve more in history and lineage, there is idiot things written here as well as mix information of two different styles. Certainly written by "kung fu geek" again.. a shame

It's funny to see this reply, i'd like to see more information about it, indicated the wrong thing or give the correction. Anyway, i don't care about the lineage as an outsider, i'm just glad to know one more martial art that i didn't know before. As far as i know in chinese martial arts, Wu De is the most important thing to learn even before learning the technical parts. Learn a little bit chinese martial art philosophy and culture will help you go deeply inside of it and let you walk further than learning the superficial movements.

A person who is tolerant is great, it's just as the sea accepts the rivers from all directions. All the grand chinese martial arts masters have this kind of the quality and continue to transfer this esprit to their apprentice generation by generation.

One more information :
武( wǔ ) : Ideogrammic compound : 止 (“stop”) + 戈 (“spear”)
From the characters 止 and 戈. The character 止 means “to stop”. The character 戈 means "spear". These two parts are combined to explain the meaning of the character "武" :  - stop fighting. There was a common phrase in ancient China - “wen zhi wu gong(文治武功)", meaning "political and military achievements". The first two characters "wu gong" or "military achievements" refer to "stopping wars and bringing peace to the world".

If you understand the meaning of Wu, may be you can start to learn chinese martial arts. Give your point of view and more information, it's better and smarter than using the words such as "idiot" , "shame" or "geek."

I'am a Tai Chi practionner, that's my point of view, thank you for your reading.
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John : That is absurd they make article about pakmei style showing photo from my website of my Sifu and don't talk once about our lineage wich is different than Cheung L'ai Cheun. When searching to make article, please involve more in history and lineage, there is idiot things written here as well as mix information of two different styles. Certainly written by "kung fu geek" again.. a shame

Reply from Martial Way Team :

Hi John,

We never pretended to be perfect, we accept that there may be errors and lineages missing in this article. That is one of the reason why we post on a forum, that way, everybody can reply and participate when there are mistakes or some information missing.

You are of course welcome to join us on Martial Way Forum to post in this topic more information about pak mei history, about your lineage, and report mistakes in this article.
These replies below have been posted on social networks by some of our followers :

Ritchie I belong to a Pak Mei school.

Freddie Yeahhh...but not sure that would wax my car as efficiently as say: Miyagi Do Karate? Speed without power is a quick route to casualty.

Ritchie Believe me Freddie, I have plenty of Geng from 17 years of Ging Mo Kune.

Freddie Let's say you're right...and this is my concern when l see these sorts of many of those claiming that skill by demonstration ...besides you...are able to actually harness that skill and summon it by default in a fear charged adrenalin dumped danger scenario...very very few I'll wager...copying skill is not the same as having skill...unless of course the aim is to generate geng force to perform tricks in controlled safe zones

Ritchie  Hmmm,I don't do tricks.

Freddie Not saying that YOU do...but much of this display irresponsibly implies that a very high level kung fu style is accessible to any and every...even children...l much blood sweat and how many rivers of tears of frustration did it take to get the geng you now have? You didn't practice twice a week over 17 years to get that did you?

Ritchie No,for about 7 years ...6 and a half days a week.

Freddie Exactly...the founder of the art knew that he would have to be good enough to defeat every other martial artist he faced or lose his life...this style was in its day the equivalent of Israeli soldier Krav was not intended as a dance routine for Diversity or Britain's Got Talent to bang out for big bucks

Freddie Respect to you for upholding the trueness of the style

Ritchie Never have I wished to defeat anyone,just allow them to rethink their actions.
Pak Mei Kung Fu is one of the most aggressive and explosive chinese martial arts.

Here is a demo video of Pak Mei Kung Fu :

White Eyebrow Style (Bak Mei Pai)

Pak Mei (also known as Bak Mei and in Mandarin Bai Mei) is a Kung Fu system created by a Taoist monk of the same name. The date generally given for the formation of the style is 1647, just after the creation of the Qing Dynasty (1644). Bak Mei is said to have sported white hair on his brow but it may be, as was common in China, that the name refers to a distinctive white head band.

Bai Mei was said to have studied Shaolin at the main temple on Song Mountain. From this he travelled to O Mei where he learned new information while refining his early studies. This is one reason that Pak Mei is said – as is Wing Chun – to be the child of the two parents: Buddhist and Taoist martial arts.Pak Mei had only one disciple, a monk named Gwong Wai. Gwong Wai so respected his teacher that he named the entire system after him.

Gwong Wai’s only disciple was another monk name Jok Fat Won.

Jok Fat Won passed his knowledge to Lin Sang who had no disciples and also to a martial arts teacher named Cheung Lai Cheun (1880-1964, Zhang Li Quan: in Mandarin) in Canton.

Cheung was already expert in a number of systems including, interestingly enough, the Dragon Style developed by the nun Ng Mui.He had learned Dragon from Lam Ah Hap and earlier from Wong Che Si and Lam Ah Yuan (a student of the monk Tai Yok). From these various Dragon teachers he learned Depressing Hand, Serpent Hiss Boxing and more. He was also an expert in Li Gar and Beggar’s Style: all of them Short Fist styles of high level fighting.  After movng to Guangzhou he learned Pak Mei from monk Chut Fat Wan. Cheung became a top fighter and remained undefeated throughout his life. He was considered one of the three Tigers of East River and also became one of the Seven Southern States Champions. He moved to Honk Kong in 1949. He had a varied life becoming, among other things, the family instructor of C. T. Chan – Governor of Kwantung, head of 18 schools, and one of the instructrors of the Wang Poe Military Academy.

Cheung passed his knowledge to Cheung Bing Lam , Cheung Bing Fat (his sons), Kwong Man Fong and H.B. Un.

Some of Pak Mei’s forms starting with its core curriculum as shown by Cheung Lai Chuen:

Jik Bo Chuan
Kao Bo Tui
Sup Bat Mor Kiu
Mang Fuoo Chut Lam: The last form learned from monk Chu Fat Wan. 30 + moves concentrating on exploding power in the manner of a tiger.
Hong Sau Yup Ba Yen

and there is…

Sup Gee Kuen: A form derived from Hakka style was brought in by Lin Shi (Cheung Lai Chuen’s teacher), about 70 movements.
Sam Moon Quan: Three Doors was brought in by Mr. Cheung to honor his Li Jia teacher, Li Yi. 50+ moves.
Fu Bo
Sup Baat Fung Chun
Dai Sut
Chat Dim Mui Fa
Fa Pao

Sei Moon Bat Gwa: Cheung Lai Cheun’s own high level form incorporating movements not see in other Pak Mei forms.


Pak Mai staff work.

Translations of some of these forms
Straight Step form (beginning)
Small Cross form (beginning)
Stone Lion Cross form (beginning)
Small Three Doors (beginning)
Three Door Bridge (beginning)
Eagle Claw Continuous Bridge(beginning)
18 Rubbing form (intermediate)
Jik Bo Kun
Three Gate BaGua (intermediate)
Four Gate BaGua (intermediate)
Single Energy (intermediate)
Double Energy (intermediate)
9 Step Push (advanced)
18 Rubbing Hands (advanced)
Fierce Tiger Leaves Mountain (advanced)
Fierce Tiger Comes out of the Forest (advanced)
Five Element Rubbing (advanced)
Pak Mei Staff
Pak Mei Double Axes
Pak Mei Butterfly Knives
Pak Mei Spear
Pak Mei Tiger Fork
Pak Mei Tonfas

The hard-to-find Crompton 1st edition 1974 that can sell for up to $90.00 nowadays

Kicks of the styles include:
Zhuang Jiao: Clashing kick
Nie Jiao: Light Tread kick
Ding Ban Jiao (0r Shadowless: Wu Yin Jiao) kick
Chuan Xin Jiao: Heart Piercing Kick
Pian Shen Jiao: Lateral kick

Short Broadsword
Straight Sword
Double Sabers
Long Stool

One Hong Kong instructor, Yan Jian Guang, originally hails from Nan Hai, in Guang Dong. He makes the following comments on the forms: Tiger Leaving the Jungle was created by Zhang Li Quan uses the Pressing Tiger Step for maximum mobility. Five Element Rubbing Form trains sensitivity in the forearms and is used with the Shadowless Kick for coordination between hands and feet.

Pak Mei is an interesting and compact style.It is both an external and internal art where Chi Kung is martial and martial arts refine Chi. Pak Mei motions are aggressive, fast and very efficient. One of their main goals is to concentrate the entire force of the body onto a singal attack point. The snappy, explosive quality of their force is intimately linked to the relaxation of the muscle and the correctness of their postures. A middle-to-short range system Pak Mei is distinguished by its footwork and the unique “hunting steps.” The Phoenix Eye Fist is particularly emphasized along with whipping hands resembling FuJian White Crane Boxing. Steps are small and circular with great rooting. It also uses the concept of, Subduing Two Hands with One. If you see Pak Mei you witness a dynamic style where whipping, cutting and poking motions mix in a subtle and aggressive manner.

Other Pak Mei Principles and Theories include:
Yin Yang
Three Forms: Round, Flat and Thin
Four Internal Methods: Swallow, Spit, Float Sink
Five Elements: As other styles
Six origins of Strength: Body, Shoulders, Waist,  Limbs, Neck and Abdomen.
Eight Hand Techniques: Whip, Cut, Hold, Smash, Bounce, Snap, Wrap and Pound.

NOTE: There is one legend, denied by Pak Mei practitioners, that Pak Mei himself was a “traitor” because of his allegiance to the newly established Qing Dynasty. He was ordered to infiltrate one of the Southern Shaolin Temples. He did this and even burned that Temple down beginning the generations long diaspora of the so called Five Families which each hid and took Southern Family names. These re-emerged as the systems of Hung, Mok, Li, Choy and Fut (Buddha or Shaolin) styles. To this day some teachers will not teach Shaolin to Pak Mei graduates and call it the “forbidden style.” Almost in symbology of this Pak Mei stylists salute with the usual right fist and left palm salute reversed.

Source :
Martial Arts / How to Scissor Round Kick / Jump Round Kick (Taekwondo)
« Last post by Webmaster on July 04, 2017, 08:53:30 am »
This video explains step by step how to make a jump round kick, according to a Taekwondo technique :

And you, have you ever tried this technique in your martial art ?
Free Wiki - Martial Arts / Re: Shorinji Kempo
« Last post by Webmaster on June 30, 2017, 12:36:24 am »
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Almost all Japanese arts had their origins in China, from Shaolin. They just modified them and made adjustments to Japanese culture when they brought the arts home.
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