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Title: Kung Fu School in Kungming
Post by: Rainy on November 29, 2009, 10:37:41 pm
It's not easy to find a correct place to pratise chinese Kungfu in Kunming, the most popular martial art practised by chinese is Taekwondo!!! Amazing!!! Even some Kungfu schools information found via web, when you called them, Taekwondo is instead of KungFu courses.

One Kungfu school opened byYunnan Wushu Association located Rd. East Guanshang关上东路356, it should be good! But when i visited this place, the students are the teenage chindren, the place is dark and dirty, need to 3times per week for train.

Yesterday, the mister of Aikido/Kendo club told me one place to learn Sanda(1 kind of kungfu), near airport, i will visit this weekend, we will see then...