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Title: Tao of animals in Shaolin Kung Fu
Post by: Webmaster on June 08, 2017, 11:07:11 pm
Here is a video taken by the Chinese martial arts school of Montpellier (France), which presents a selection of tao, representing the techniques of animals, realized by the masters of kung fu shaolin disciple of master shi yan lu.

Translation from French to English of animals in the video :

at 0:26 "le léopard" : The Leopard
at 0:57 "l'aigle" : The Eagle
at 1:43 'le tigre" : The Tiger
at 2:15 "le serpent" : The Snake
at 2:55 "la mante religieuse" : The Praying Mantis
at 3:42 "le singe au baton" : monkey with stick (Sun Wukong)
at 4:32 "le crapaud" : The Toad
at 5:08 "le scorpion" : The Scorpion