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Title: Xin Yi Quan - Introduction of Sifu Xu Jian Xing
Post by: Webmaster on May 16, 2017, 10:59:38 pm
The Martial Way team recently met in China the Sifu Xu Jian Xing, master of Xing Yi Quan.

Small introduction of Sifu Xu Jian Xing :
Sifu XU has more than 30 years of Xing yi practice. He began with the Pi Quan, Ming Jin 明劲 (the manifest power) with his Shi Fu (his master). According to the Sifu Xu, this first step takes at least 3 years. It includes basic Xing Yi workouts with techniques of hands, feet, body.

The Xing Yi Quan is part of the Nei Jia Quan (internal martial arts), it is a kind of martial art at the base of the Nei Jia Quan.

The Pi quan is a training part of xing yi.

According to Sifu Xu, practicing Xing Yi can maintain and strengthen health, and helps to defend yourself. It is simple to learn and practicable in real combat. He also explained that the teaching of the Xing Yi is transmitted only orally, from generation to generation.

Here are two training videos of Sifu Xu, taken by Martial Way :