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Title: Tai Chi vs MMA video
Post by: Webmaster on May 01, 2017, 05:52:04 am

Comment of lsd on the French forum : "If there would be a return match, the taichi practitioner would redirect better the intensity of his energy ......"

What is your opinion ?

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Title: Re: Tai Chi vs MMA video
Post by: sophisticus on May 01, 2017, 07:10:26 am
Fist speed of MMA is very quick, if the Tai Chi practitioner is not a good one, difficult to win the match.

There are two types of Tai Chi in now days, one is for maintain the health as most of the people do actually, learn the movements and don't focus on the techiniques. The type to fight rare people know and do it very well, even the master don't teach it easily to whoever. #UC55

Frankly speaking, the MMA tachniques is mostly pratical in a real fight.

Title: Re: Tai Chi vs MMA video
Post by: sophisticus on May 04, 2017, 08:04:27 am
These days, this video becomes very viral in China, even the Chinese Official Wu Shu issue an official document.

Before discussing this topic, firstly let us take a look about MMA in China, even 5 years ago, when i do some research in chinese research engine about MMA, there is nothing. The people around me, almost no one know it , i can also hardly find the MMA products in China.

MMA in China is not as well known as in western countries, but recent 1-2 years, it starts and spread very quick in China, besides points of view of technique side, see the poplutaion and economic level in China, it worth to invest in it.
 the huge commercial profits behind plays a lot of role.

Xu Xiao Dong(the guy who use MMA to fight with the Tai Chi guy in the video), 39 years old, MMA player in China, in his official Video, he said : " I did not completely deny the traditional martial arts, but now there are many trickies traditional martial arts, i want to expose some false or challenge some of the so-called "master. " In now days, fews people who really know how to use the traditional Kung Fu skills to face a real fight. Traditional martial arts is a culture, but also a nostalgic emotion."

Xu Xiao Dong said that he did not want to fight with all the people, just looking for the people who spread the fake things to fight, such as some television showed that the Tai Chi master use his fist power to hit a watermelon, then the skin is not broken and inside was broken in many small pieces to show the performance.

From side of official part, State and Wushu Association level does not think this is an effective competition, but more like a street fight, two kinds of the martial arts are not comparable. None of them can really represente a kind of the martial art.

I've seen an interesting video of Master Zhao Da Yuan, he was a professor of Qin Na, 4th generation descendant of Ba Gua Zhang, in the video he said: "If we take the criteria of fight, the purpose of the fight is to kill the opponent, in the ancient time, Tai Chi was invented to use in the real fight. But in now days, the purpose of the competition is to exchange the skill and promote the martial arts in a safe way, deadly skills are forbidden to use in it." In this way, the skills are losing and the master don't teach.

MMA training is high strength and established after a scientific research. If a tai chi practitioner want to fight with a mma practitioner, a scientific and strengh training is necessary, it's definitely not a maintain health style Tai Chi training.

Title: Re: Tai Chi vs MMA video
Post by: sophisticus on May 20, 2017, 02:28:24 am
Master Wong is a Wing Chun, Tai Chi, JKD Master based in UK.
Here is his comments on the viral video of "A MMA fighter KOs a so-called Tai Chi master in China".