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Title: Tai Chi practicing
Post by: sophisticus on September 10, 2016, 04:34:04 am
I open this topic, because i would like to post some articles or photos about Tai Chi. Welcome to share your experiences.  #UC41 #UC49
Title: Re: Tai Chi practicing
Post by: sophisticus on September 11, 2016, 11:03:50 pm
It is difficult to learn Tai Chi from a video by himself, when i train with my master, he always let me touch his body to feel the tiny movement from inside, the strength and muscle.

The strength of the tai chi comes from inside of your body, it's a whole bloc strength, the arms and hands don't use the force, only transfer your strength to against opposite person. If you use the force from your arms you will lost balance, then the opposite person can easily find your weak point and attack you.

Tai Chi is not only a slow, body health exercise, we can also use it in the real combat, borrow the strength from you enemy, use his force to against him.

Till now, i feel still difficult to control my body in a natural way to do the movement, because all the Tai Chi movements should under a reverse thinking, there's a chinese proverb told by my master :" To practice Tai Chi, three years before entry."

Title: Re: Tai Chi practicing
Post by: jadedrgonalaska on September 16, 2016, 06:22:01 pm
Tai Chi is based on fluid motions using the body's internal energy or Qi.  It is usually practiced slowly, so that one is fully grounded and to focus this Qi.  Some will practice Tai Chi quickly about  1/10th of the time, for martial effectiveness.

When practicing, one watches themselves and their bodies feelings so that everything is coordinated and flowing. Tai Chi can be moving meditation and moving Qigong.

Qi understanding is critical to Tai Chi.

What is Qi?   

 Although there are many methods for flowing Qi as in Qigong, the best description is a life force we all have.
 When high in Qi we are healthy.
 When low in Qi we are sickly, need more sleep, and are more easily tired.
 Everybody alive has some Qi, since when it is gone you are dead.
 Some can focus their life force and combined body's motion, in fluid powerful dishcharges of power.

 Qi has all the properties of water except that of wetness, so this is the Shaolin Buddhist meditation that is usually concentrated on.
 Perhaps description is not the best word, since this entails aspects rather than a whole or essence; as a concept or non-visual image.

 Some concepts of water:
• our bodies are over 80% water;
• Holy Water which has symbolism of the human/divine living force,
 is no more than blessed salt water, all animals need salt to survive, and the origin of most of Earth's life comes from the salt-water ocean;
• most areas of spirit or psychic phenomena are near misty areas;
• many shamanic practices use a spray to connect, intitate, catalyze or charge a spirit, force or entity;
• when wave theory was being developed and tested by physicts, most of the wave models were water or fluid based;
• the Tao Te Ching entry on water, by Lao Tzu chapter 8,
 The highest good is like water.
 Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.
 It flows in places men reject and so is like the Tao.
• Even though water is not hard or sharp, it cuts through rocks as the rivers make valleys and the rains; and ice can support tanks and stop bullets.
Qigong as Electricity and Water   

 “Qigong is a kind of frequency energy, which can be affected by the strong magnetic field and stored in the human body and released by it. When we are doing the basic exercise of qigong (e. g. cycle movements with hands in front of the abdomen), we are using the blood in the hands, the blood cells in the blood and the magnetic matters in the blood cells to crosscut the magnetic line of force of the globe.

 As a result, there produces the direct current and magnetic field when the frequency of the cycle movement is 0.3-0.7 Hz, and a numb feeling appears in the hands. This kind of qi sensation is neither electric current because the feeling will disappear when the cycle movements are accelerated and the frequency is over 0.7 Hz, nor magnetic field because when the hands are placed between two pieces of strong magnet, no such feeling occurs.

 The author thinks that it is a feeling caused by the magnetic resonance. There is a coincidence between the qigong phenomenon and the mechanism of the magnetic resonance when one is practicing the basic exercise of qigong. A human magnetic field with an appropriate frequency is produced, which can cause the water in one's hand to have nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The 1H and 3C are orderlessly arranged in the body, but after the qigong exercise through the auto magnetization, a magnetization state (ARROWS Here) appears. At this moment if there is an energy coming from outside, the frequency of which is correspondent to the formula of nuclear magnetic resonance: n = rHo/2p

 the magnetized water may absorb the energy and there occurs the magnetic resonance state.

n is the frequency,
Ho is the intensity of the external magnetic field,
g (rotatory magnetization) and
2p are constant. The weaker the magnetic field is, the lower frequency needed.

 Water and organic compounds are considered as the media for the magnetic resonance force, flowing in the body. “

 Mechanism of Qigong - Magnetic Resonance, Ma Jianna, 1st World Conf Academy, Exchange Medical Qigong, 1988.

Title: Re: Tai Chi practicing
Post by: sophisticus on September 17, 2016, 01:56:43 am
Interesting, remarked  #UC41   Thank you Jadedragon